As professionals who have been working with insurance for many years, we understand the steps customers need to take to get the plan that best suits their needs. There needs to be plenty of consideration during the process, especially if you are approaching retirement and need to plan the rest of your future.

That’s why we are open to discussing multiple insurance options with you and want to provide feedback, financial planning advice, and other assistance for various types of insurance. Finding insurance and starting financial planning doesn’t have to be a sizeable hurdle for you to overcome. We’re here to help you and give you sage advice that is sure to make your life easier and less stressful.

In addition to in-person help, we host monthly workshops and seminars to assist the public and promote educational thinking that helps our customers look at insurance options in a critical way that ensures they find the best option for themselves. Not what seems to be available. We are proud to offer individual health, life, and Medicare insurance plans and assistance.

Health Insurance

Keeping your health intact is crucial, no matter your age. As you age, you may require more care and accrue more medical costs. It may seem daunting to find a plan that suits all of your requirements, but Brownell Financial Services has expert knowledge of the health insurance market and can guide you along the […]

Life Insurance

Life insurance is ideal for protecting both yourself and your loved ones throughout your life. Whether you want to have quality protection for a short burst of time or want to extend the protection to the rest of your life, there are options out there for you to explore and use to their potential. It’s […]


Medicare is one of the primary choices of coverage for seniors aged 65 and over. While there are many factors to determine what your eligibility is and which plan works best for you, we can still do what we can to make the decision much more comfortable for those who come to us for help. […]