We take care to ensure that all our clients’ needs get met. We pride ourselves on our friendly and professional atmosphere. Your insurance planning needs are our number one concern, and we’re sure to provide the best service advice available.

Our Mission

We aim to be the top insurance providing company. Our mission is to help you identify and solve your insurance needs. We are committed to providing all clients with superior service and treat every client with respect, dignity, and understanding.

Our Philosophy

We believe that success comes from quality service. We pledge to be professional and dependable for all our clients. We take care to serve each client with attention.

We believe employees who embrace teamwork and share responsibility can provide the best client service. We know our clients want someone on their team when it comes to insurance issues, so we promote team-building qualities like initiative and idea exchanges.

We stay informed of all insurance news, tips, and updates, which allows us to continue to be experts for your financial needs.

We care about keeping our clients as well as the public informed about insurance and all of its nuances. We will host community outreach efforts to make sure you are educated and informed on how to best protect yourself and your finances.

Our History

Brownell Financial Services began in 1986. Marie Brownell, a Prudential Insurance agent at the time, wanted to provide more for her clients, so she gave individual care to each client. In 1987, Rick Brownell joined her in delivering excellent service.

In 1992, the Brownells joined Gloria Fields and opened Brownell Insurance Agency, our parent company. Brownell Insurance is a company that connects insurance clients with the most dedicated insurance agents in the area.

In 2004, Marie Brownell formed Brownell Financial Services as a sister company to Brownell Insurance. We’ve learned that financial problems are not just insurance issues, and we want to help people maintain control of their future.